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HR 1134 G 36 inch range

A Range Like No Other.

  • EasyControl Display (7-Segment display)
  • SoftOpen and SoftClose Door
  • CleanTouch Steel Finish
  • TwinPower Convection Fans
  • Dishwasher safe grates

Range Type
All Gas
Gas Cooktop
Gas Convection Oven
36" (90 cm)
Number of Heating Elements
User Interface
Control Type
Knob controls
Dishwasher-safe Grates
Continuous grate design (permits pots to be moved effortlessly from burner without lifting)
Cast iron grates
Island trim
M Pro Dual Stacked Burner System
Automatic re-ignition
Sealed burners
Technical Specifications
BTU range
Up to 19,500 BTU
Convection Oven
ClearView Door
CleanTouch Steel Front
Range ContourLine Handle
Programs & Functions
Convection Bake
Convection Broil
Rapid PreHeat
Residual Heat Usage
Control Functionalities
Time Memory Function (200 h)
Audible tone when temperature has been reached
Temperature display (F/C)
Recommended temperature per operating mode
Timer with automatic shut-off
Digital display
Digital Clock
Oven Interior & Lighting
PyroFit Self-Clean Safe Racks and Side-Runners

Leave all racks inside the oven during the self-clean program for added convenience.

Interior Oven Usable Volume
163 ltr. / 5.8 cubic feet
Identification of Shelf Levels

Shelf level identification allows automatic MasterChef programs to specify on which level each dish should be cooked, making these programs even easier to use and even more precise.

Number of Convection Fans
Halogen lighting

Halogen Lighting: With up to three sets, this sophisticated illumination provides exceptionally bright lighting conditions throughout the oven cavity.

Safety and Convenience
Safety Switch-Off
System Lock
Cool Touch Fronts
Appliance Cooling System
Appliance Care
Self Clean - Enamelled Interior

Pyrolytic Cleaning (Self-Clean): The Pyrolytic function automatically cleans the soiled oven cavity at very high temperature, making tiresome scouring and abrasive cleaners a thing of the past. This self-cleaning programme reduces food residue to ash which can simply be wiped away.

Quick release side racks
CleanGlass Door
Self-Clean program with 3 optional intensity settings
Included Accessories
PerfectClean Universal Tray
PyroFit Telescopic rack
PyroFit wire rack (Stainless steel)

Miele ForeverCare

Miele has been a family owned and operated company since 1899. Over the course of our history, one goal has not changed: providing premium products and services to every customer. That's why we have created Miele ForeverCare - the industry's most comprehensive customer service package. From payment to delivery, installation to service, as well as CareCollection, all your dealings are directly with us. We have a large dedicated Customer Care Centre located at our headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, where our expert team will handle any of your needs. This is the personal care we believe you deserve, a new standard of service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Stand-Alone Miele Extended Warranty

To protect your investment, be sure you purchase a Miele Extended Warranty. Unlike other third party extended warranties, the Miele Extended Warranty is completely managed and serviced by Miele. We will provide service, including all parts and labour, at no cost to you. After all, at Miele, enhancing your life through exceptional, long-lasting products is not just our claim - it's our promise.

Key Benefits of the Miele Extended Warranty:

  • Genuine Manufacturer's Extended Warranty directly with Miele
  • Professional Support and solutions to problems from original equipment manufacturer
  • All repair costs, Miele genuine spare parts, including call-out and labour costs, are covered
  • Stand-Alone Total 5 Year Miele Extended Warranty
  • Stand-Alone Total 10 Year Miele Extended Warranty