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G 6105 SCU ss Futura Crystal Series Dishwasher

The perfect dishwasher for perfect cleaning results.

  • Visible control panel, prefinished door panel
  • 6 wash programs
  • 3D cutlery tray
  • 16 place settings
  • Built-in water softener

Series name
Full size (60 cm)
Number of place settings
Black Toe-Kick Included
CleanTouch Steel (stainless steel)
Control Panel
Straight control panel
Visible control panel
# of Wash Programs
Number of wash programs
ExtraComfort Basket

The ExtraComfort basket comes with many extras: Basket handles, hinged row of spikes in the lower basket (right) and height-adjustable glass holders in the lower basket.

Wash Programs

This program is suitable for everyday loads of lightly or normally soiled dishes.


Short program clycle for mixed loads with fresh non-sticking food residue, e.g. party dishware.

China & Crystal

Extra gentle program for delicates and valuables. Sensor-controlled for temperature sensitive china, crystal, and lightly soiled glassware.

Pots & pans

Maximum cleaning performance for pots, pans and dishware with heavily soiled and dried-on food.

Rinse & hold

For rinsing dishware to avoid smells, if a complete cycle is not yet needed.

Child safety lock
Half Load

With the automatic load sensor, Miele dishwashers automatically match the water and power consumption to the size of the load, so you don’t always have to wait for a full load.

Double WaterProof System

Miele’s "connect and protect" Double WaterProof System automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher in the event that a leak or blockage is detected. The Double WaterProofing System has two double solenoid valves integrated into the basement of the machine in order to double protect against flooding.

Perfect GlassCare

The best care for your glasses.

Energy Star qualified
Active condensation drying

Most Miele dishwashers employ an active condensation drying system that draws room temperature air through a port at the bottom of the appliance. This air is disbursed through special channels around the exterior dishwasher cavity and allows the interior water particles to condense against the walls of the dishwasher.


Perfect drying results - everytime! The temperature in the kitchen as well as the dishwasher load can affect the drying results of your dishes. Therefore, with the automatic program, SensorDry ensures for perfect drying results even in non-ideal conditions.

Ultra quiet acoustics rating
45 dB

Our water pumps, flow meters and spray arms are carefully engineered to provide the most quiet, most advanced cleaning operation; including a unique sound proofing system, containing layers of insulation which surround the appliance.

Built-in water softener
Annual energy consumption
270 kWh
Delay start
Countdown timer

Hot or cold water connection.


AutoSensor measures dirt particles inside the water and as a result temperatures, cycle times and water consumption are adjusted as a factor of the intensity of soiling.


Short function - clean dishes quickly! If you need your dishwasher to be quickly back in action, the Miele short function reduces the program run time, without compromising on the same perfect cleaning and drying results.

Cutlery Configuration
3D cutlery tray

Patented Design. The 3D cutlery tray - a new dimension in cutlery care The intelligent Miele 3D cutlery tray can be varied in width, depth and height to accommodate every load perfectly. It can be lowered in the centre to hold larger utensils such as ladles, and the side sections can be pushed together to give headroom for long stemmed glassware. Benefit from more flexibility with Miele!

  • Miele 500 mL Dishwasher Rinse Aid

      Sparkling dishes and glassware come standard when you use Miele’s Rinse Aid! It's specially formulated to speed up drying, prevent water and lime scale stains and features an innovative glass care formula for long term prevention against etching. Can be used with any brand of dishwasher.

    • Miele Pricing
  • Miele 160g Dishwasher Conditioner

      Dishwashers are exposed to a lot of food residue including starch and fats. Regular use of Miele dishwashing machine conditioner can actually help extend the life of your machine and ensure great wash performance is maintained.

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  • Miele Dishwasher Freshener

      Miele's lemon freshener can help rid the dishwasher of unpleasant odours. The active ingredients combine natural and artificial citrus oils that effectively combat odours.

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  • Miele 1.5 kg Dishwasher Salt

      Many dishwashers have a built-in water softener to optimize cleaning results. To function perfectly, this softening unit requires special salt. Miele's water-softening salt dissolves during the cycle and leaves no residue. It prevents harmful lime scale and, most importantly, it protects your dishwasher and dishes.

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  • Miele 60 Dishwasher Detergent Tabs

      The new Miele Dishwasher Detergent Tabs come with a new convenient packaging and an improved and highly concentrated formulation that ensures the best cleaning and care results every time. The tabs are individually wrapped in a water-soluble wrapper to prevent physical contact with the ingredients and provide added convenience. Our unique glassware formula protects against etching and special additives protect silverware and stainless steel against corrosion. They can be used with any brand of dishwasher. Miele tabs give you an outstanding cleaning result without needing to use any additional rinse aid or dishwasher salt. However, for perfect results, especially in hard-water areas, we recommend the complete Miele CareCollection - the tabs, rinse aid and salt.

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Miele ForeverCare

Miele has been a family owned and operated company since 1899. Over the course of our history, one goal has not changed: providing premium products and services to every customer. That's why we have created Miele ForeverCare - the industry's most comprehensive customer service package. From payment to delivery, installation to service, as well as CareCollection, all your dealings are directly with us. We have a large dedicated Customer Care Centre located at our headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, where our expert team will handle any of your needs. This is the personal care we believe you deserve, a new standard of service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Stand-Alone Miele Extended Warranty

To protect your investment, be sure you purchase a Miele Extended Warranty. Unlike other third party extended warranties, the Miele Extended Warranty is completely managed and serviced by Miele. We will provide service, including all parts and labour, at no cost to you. After all, at Miele, enhancing your life through exceptional, long-lasting products is not just our claim - it's our promise.

Key Benefits of the Miele Extended Warranty:

  • Genuine Manufacturer's Extended Warranty directly with Miele
  • Professional Support and solutions to problems from original equipment manufacturer
  • All repair costs, Miele genuine spare parts, including call-out and labour costs, are covered
  • Stand-Alone Total 5 Year Miele Extended Warranty
  • Stand-Alone Total 10 Year Miele Extended Warranty