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Miele LaundryAt the very core of Miele's technical and production competencies are washing machines.

Having more experience than almost any other appliance company in the market, Miele has taken the washing machine in Europe, and around the world, to the highest level of durability, reliability and convenience, while always trying to minimize the effects on the environment. Miele has created the ultimate fabric cleaning system that cares for clothing better than any other.

For generations, Miele washing machines have been known for their thorough yet gentle care of fabrics. Many imitators have tried, but they have failed to match the superior results of the Miele laundry pair.

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Rotary Iron

Rotary Iron

83 cm wide roller

Compared to a normal iron, the Miele rotary iron has an ironing surface 5 times larger. Large items are so much easier to iron with the 83 cm wide roller. A pillow case, for example, can be ironed in a single pass – that is, within seconds.

Key Features

Variable roller speed
Correct temperature for the fabric
Free roller end
Minimum storage space



Honeycomb structure soleplate

Perfect results: steam from the honeycomb surface helps the iron glide smoothly and effectively over the laundry.

Product Details

Key Features

Active ironing table
Infinite height adjustment