Certified Installation Program

 | Expert installation by Miele Professionals

We want your machine to work perfectly from the first time you use it. So we offer the Miele Certified Installation program (MCIP) in your home ourselves, with our fully Miele Certified Installation Team. Installation can be organized through the Miele Customer Care Centre, and when you choose Miele Certified Installation you will receive an additional year (Total 2 YR) manufacturer's warranty on appliance and installation.

To ensure that the installation of your Miele appliances proceeds efficiently and without costly delays, we offer the Miele Pre-Inspection Service. Our Miele Certified Installation team will visit your home and guide you through a comprehensive inspection to ensure that all electrical, venting, plumbing, millwork, etc. is in place correctly as required by the Miele installation manuals. The Miele Certified Pre-Inspection Team will help you identify any additional work or corrections that need to be completed prior to the actual installation appointment. This will ensure that when our Miele Certified Installation team arrives on the day of installation, we are able to begin work right away without any delays.

It's easy to connect with the very best. Simply call 1.800.565.6435 or email customercare@miele.ca to connect with a Miele professional who will guide you through the installation process and answer any questions you may have. In order to provide you with the best customer service and to ensure the most accurate quotation, download our checklist and gather the following information before calling one of our trained professionals.

Double the Benefits with the Miele Certified Installation program

Double the Benefits:

  • Experience PERFECT installation with Miele Certified Installation
  • Receive a FREE Total Two Year Extended Warranty on appliance and installation
Key Benefits of the Miele Certified Installation program

Key Benefits:

  • Confidence in knowing that any concerns are just a call or visit away by contacting Miele Customer Care Centre
Miele Pre-inspection with the Miele Certified Installation program

Miele Pre-inspection includes:

  • On-site visit to inspect and advise client on all utilities, and rough in requirements per work order/purchase order
  • Ensuring that the rough-in will work with the design of the appliance

Installation Price List: Download our price list for Miele Certified Installation.

NOTE: All prices quoted are based on a "job ready site". All issues relating to carpentry (including cutting of granite or stone) or electrical must be handled by a qualified tradesperson. Miele Installers are not qualified to handle such requests.