Miele Warranty & Service Package

We hope you can always benefit from a reliable Miele household appliance and its innovative features. For this reason, we offer attractive extended warranty packages with Miele ForeverCare - each with particular advantages for you and your Miele home appliances.

Warranty: Durability and the highest quality - with the purchase of your Miele product, you have made the best choice.

Please note that Warranties and Guarantees issued by or on behalf of Miele Canada are not valid in Commercial settings. Warranties are non-transferrable.

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

All Miele appliances come with a standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty which covers parts and labour.

*2 Year Miele Extended Warranty

Where Miele Installation is purchased, Miele extends your 1 year standard manufacturer's warranty to a Total 2 Year Miele Extended Warranty which covers parts and labour.

5 or 10 Year Miele Extended Warranty

All Miele appliances purchased under Miele Advantage come with a 5 Year Miele Extended Warranty. Appliances purchased under Miele Advantage Plus come with a 10 Year Miele Extended Warranty. Both cover parts and labour.

Extend your Warranty

For additional peace of mind you can extend your warranty with a Miele Extended Warranty Certificate. This can be purchased to provide up to 9 years additional cover and must be bought within the standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty guarantee period.

For more information on extending your current warranty, please call 1-800-565-6435.

*Applicable to certain regions only. Please contact a Miele Projects Division representative for further details.